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Annual Report 2021

The Drive to Thrive

Message from the Director General

The year 2021 was a time of transition for IRRI in more ways than one.

The big transition was one that everyone around the world had to make, as the pandemic entered its second year and forced all nations, organizations, and individuals to discover and adapt to a “new normal” way of working and living. The other big change is the ongoing One CGIAR transition, where IRRI and 11 other centers scattered around the globe are being integrated into one unified system, with all the attendant adjustments that such a transformation entails.

Message from the Director for Research

The drive to move forward in pandemic circumstances

The year 2021 was a “wildcard” year for IRRI, and for most of the world, after the global shockwave from the COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020. The fallout from the economic upheaval, social turmoil, and uncertainty left the world seemingly suspended in time, a year into the unprecedented health crisis. While hoping that the worst had passed, we were left wondering and waiting for what the pandemic would bring. This forced us to face every day with educated guesswork: do we take the next steps in our endeavors or do we continue to be on the safe side?

DG Message


Finding solutions for the world's biggest challenges

Rice Breeding Innovations

The drive to push rice science to the edge

Sustainable Impact Through Rice-Based Systems

The drive to disseminate innovative technological interventions

Integrative Research Support Platform

The drive to optimize operational efficiency


Strategy, Engagement, and Impact


IRRI Education

The drive to maximize human and institutional potential

Portfolio Development and Management office

The drive to meet commitments and create new opportunities

Advocacy and Brand

The drive to stay connected

Human Resources and Organizational Development

The drive to uphold above-industry standards

Regional Achievement globe 2.jpg

Global Impact

The drive to deliver impact across the world

Awards and Accolades

The Drive to Excel

Statement by the Chair of the IRRI Board of Trustees for the Year Ended
31 December 2021

Dr. Suthad Setboonsarng

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